My Uncle, he was always an angel and now he is with the angels. 

My Abba Mian is not in pain anymore. He is with the angels now. But how we will miss him. I’ll miss his humor, his wit, his charming and handsome face. But the greatest thing I will miss is his huge, loving heart. He not only lived his wife and two children unconditionally, but he showered his nieces (me being one) and nephews with all his love. He truly was an angel and we are all the sorrier, and poorer for his leaving. But we are also truly blessed that we had him in our lives. Truly blessed. 

Hasan Akhter January 13, 1927-June 23, 2016

Most loving husband, father, uncle. One of the truly great human beings in this world. Loved by his whole family and multitude of friends. 

Journalist for Dawn, Morning News, the London Times. 

He covered the war for Independence for Pakistan in 1947

My dearest Abba Mian,  I am so happy you are not in pain anymore. But I will miss you so much. The world is a much less loving and lovely place now that you’re not in it. I wish you would have recovered your health and been here with us for years to come. I so wish that. But I am so thankful that you are not suffering anymore. 

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