Gratefulness, thankfulness can do miracles.

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Excepting severe manic phases and severe depressed phases, gratefulness and thankfulness can work wonders in a person’s life. If one is feeling in the normal mood range, then feeling grateful for what one has, rather than wanting more and more, can really do wonders for one’s mood and outlook on life. Imagine sitting on your couch at home, being sad and feeling horrible because your house isn’t big enough, your car isn’t fancy enough, you don’t have enough friends, etc. etc..

Now imagine sitting on your couch at home, and being really thankful for your beautiful home, and being thankful you’re not homeless, being grateful you have a car that works, being so happy about all the wonderful, loving friends you have. Gratefulness, an instant mood lifter, an instant heart opener, nothing better!

So in this (American, European) Holiday season, whether we have mental illnesses, physical illnesses, whether we are lucky enough to have no illnesses, if we practice gratitude and thankfulness, it may well be a very good Holiday season.

2 thoughts on “Gratefulness, thankfulness can do miracles.

  1. Thank you so much for writing this post!!! I really needed to read it this week – I have so much in front of my face to be grateful for, and I miss truly paying attention to these positive people/places/things/etc. so much of the time.

    Only good can come out of paying attention to the beautiful blessings I’ve been sadly taking for granted far too long!!!



    • My dear Dyane, all of us need this reminder. We can get so caught up with negative thinking and spiralung down from there. So uts good to get a reminder so you can come back to your sweet pisitive self. Happy Holidays snd love and hugs.

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