My friend Dyane posted about her experience with some bad news and how it triggered her into manicky behavior. I love this post. I think she coped very well. She had really good insight and minimized the damage that could have occurred. Brava Dyane! She spoke of her psychiatrist saying that next time she experiences a trigger she should take an extra 25 mg of Seroquel, which not only calms one down, it also increases your Norepinephrine levels, doubly good for someone in this sort of a crisis moment. I’m going to take 25 mg of Seroquel when I am triggered as well. It’s better than sending people messages upon messages  showing them how out of control I can be.I so relate to your post. My last tigger, haha trigger was the email that my Snapchat account was hacked into. Totally lost it, thinking about what kinds of messages may have been sent, what would happen, I was going to lose my friends,,, etc. etc. My brain went on a rampage which I couldn’t stop. Until a friend gave me a wake up call. But of course, who wants to have anything to do with someone who loses it because their account got hacked… Of course people want sane friends. Anyway, there’s always tomorrow and you get a chance to react to triggers in a better and constructive way. The chagrin and embarrassment and depression, because you reacted like a crazy person, //:after the episode is also awful and waking up feeling deadened… ugh… I think that is because when we are up, anxious, minds racing, it is due to an excess of neurotransmitters, and when we crash, it is because the neurotransmitter levels have bottomed out and our brains are in withdrawal. Isn’t it marvelous? I wonder why we had to be the ones. Pretty awful. To control the organ with the organ that is freaking out, namely the brain, not an easy thing to do. But we try and we learn we cope as best as we can. And Lithium and Seroquel are definitely our allies in this fight.

2 thoughts on “Triggers.

  1. Thank you SO much for your kind words, Samina! I would definitely advise having the 25mg of Seroquel set aside just in case, knock on wood, you need it – I carry two tablets in my purse wherever I go.

    Wow – I couldn’t believe how much just 25mg knocked me out that morning! I’m sure I was also drained from the entire situation too. I love what you wrote in this post: “To control the organ with the organ that is freaking out, namely the brain, not an easy thing to do.” It’s so ironic, isn’t it?

    Anyway, I enjoy how you shed light on both the scientific and the emotional/personal side of things so well in this blog – it’s extraordinary. We’re lucky to have you to examine all the different aspects of this baffling brain disease, and also present your creative side too!

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