You’ve Got This!

do no confuse

I see grey skies outside

I feel grey within

Why, why, what happened all of a sudden? All the wind’s been taken out of my sails, from under my wings. I don’t know how to be strong again… How, when you are feeling your weakest, do you find the strength inside you to rise up from falling down again? Yet again… taking my medication, seeing my doctor regularly, have a loving family, have great friends, love to exercise, write on my blog, love to take pictures… what more can I do?

Stop. Don’t go there. Don’t feel sorry for yourself. Just get up. Pretend everything will be fine and yes, it will be fine! Use your depression fighting muscles, the special ones people with bipolar d/o have. Do some bench presses with those, some squats and lunges. As my cousin said: Kick bipolar’s butt! Even if you do it with tears streaming down your face… You’ve done it before. You’ve used them before, many times, these muscles. They are in shape. Use them again. Just go through the motions and the strength and meaning will come back. It always does! You’ve got this!

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