Shall We Dance?

Cha cha cha Cha cha cha

I love this! It speaks to me in volumes and volumes. How many times have we done something that went really and how happy were we? Then, the next time we did it, we hit a few snags. Like in our work, we have a project that is going really well, until it’s not going so well anymore… Like our hobbies, we are loving reading a book and then we hit a really boring few chapters… Like in a relationship, a friendship, an acquaintanceship, in one instance we get along so well, we think we are making huge strides, our relationship is improving. But, in the next instant, we have a disagreement, or a misunderstanding and we are totally crestfallen. But it’s ok, really, one step forward and one step back IS the cha-cha! We are dancing, maybe with words, or thoughts, or ideas, we are dancing with our minds, with our bodies, with each other. I love this, The Cha-cha, nothing to be crestfallen about at all. Maybe that’s the rhythm of life and we are all the dancers, taking steps, forward, backwards, sideways, but always together, always in conjunction, when one steps forward, the other steps back, then the other way around. It is a wonderful, social, human thing to do and we are always doing it. So, shall we dance?

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