Please Beware! Belle Gibson, Australian Wellness Blogger, Lied About Cancer Diagnosis

This woman, Belle Gibson, claimed that she cured her “malignant brain cancer” with only eating whole foods and holistic medicine. She claims she never used any allopathic medicines or chemotherapy. And she developed a bestselling app called “The Whole Pantry”, which apparently is still available on Apple itunes. She also wrote a book, also named “The Whole Pantry.” The book has been pulled by the publisher, it’s been taken off shelves. She has been accused of fabricating the whole thing. What’s really bad is that she has about 200,000 social media followers, and 😦 some of her followers have been refusing meds and chemo for their cancer treatment, opting for nutritional therapy, as she claims she has done. If you or anyone you know is being influenced by this fraudulent woman, please beware! Link for article and part of the article below.

Belle Gibson said she cured her brain cancer with natural therapies and healthy foods.

But she never had cancer at all, an investigation from Australian Women’s Weekly revealed.

The 23-year-old Australian wellness writer became famous in 2013, when she said on social media that she had treated her malignant brain cancer using whole foods and holistic medicine for four years, after being given only months to live.

She also claimed she had seizures, a stroke, and cancer in her liver, kidneys and spleen, The Herald Sun reported.

Gibson developed a bestselling app, “The Whole Pantry,” pitched as the “world’s first” to focus on health, wellness and lifestyle, in 2013, and built a social media following more than 200,000 users strong.

She also wrote a book by the same name, in which she recounted her alleged cancer diagnosis and how she left chemotherapy with the aim to “heal myself naturally,” The Independent reported.

Elle Australia called her “The Most Inspiring Woman You’ve Met This Year” in its December 2014 issue.

But questions arose about her claims when The Australian newspaper talked to specialists who said the only brain tumour that could kill a patient was a Grade 4 glioblastoma.

They found no evidence of anyone surviving with such a tumour without treatment for five years.

In an interview with Australian breakfast show Sunrise last year, host Samantha Armytage remarked that she looked “incredibly healthy.”

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