Depression, Ugh!!!

My comment (below) to a post I read about a blogger who is feeling severely depressed, yet is afraid to tell anyone, and this blogger doesn’t have a doctor!

“It sounds like you are suffering from severe depression, that’s what depression does, it makes you feel like a shadow of your former self 😦 I also read you post “————————” Please see a psychiatrist, they can help you. I have bipolar disorder, but with medication, I am living a good life, with ups and downs, yes, but still good. There is help for you, the test results were not a slap in your face, they were just telling you that you are not well at the moment. It is not your fault that you are depressed, it is an illness! And guilt and feeling awful are a part of this terrible illness. I am so glad that you are not even thinking about suicide, that shows how strong you are! Please go see a doctor and tell them how you’re feeling, they will help you. Best wishes for a speedy recovery. xxxxoooo”

God! Depression! What it makes you feel like. Like you’re nothing, like it’s your fault you’re feeling depressed, the guilt is overwhelming. It makes you feel like a failure, you feel like nothing, you haven’t amounted to much, and you’re never going to amount to anything. This evil disease, it robs you of your personality, your joy, your optimism, even your will to live. I feel awful for this blogger, I will keep an eye on them and keep encouraging them to seek help. In my deepest, darkest, abysmal depression, a song saved me, my aunt saved me, my psychiatrist saved me, my medication saved me, and ultimately I saved myself. I hope so much that this blogger will be able to save herself. And if I can offer her any words, comfort or advice that will help her, I will be overjoyed. Each of us is so precious. There will only ever be ONE of you, one of me, one of any of us. That, all by itself, is a miracle. With help from each other, we can and will be saved. In the face of depression, a song, a word, a friend, a doctor, help from even a stranger can turn it around. Have faith, at such a faithless time, be strong, even at such a weak time. You are not weak, it is your depression making you think you are. Don’t listen to it. Stay strong, get help, and live and shine like the unique, joyous, loving and beloved human being you are.

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