The Storms in Your Mind

Aral 6

The Storms in Your Mind

Rivers flowing from your anguished eyes

Tectonic shifts in your heart

The plates smashing, grinding, breaking

Your son, a piece of your heart, a piece of yourself

You have left behind

Heaviness and heaving, pain in your chest

Unkempt and undressed

I was just with him yesterday, and now so far away

This is not the way it should be

My son should live with me

Then the weather would be fair and calm

No winds no storms

But a tiny voice cries out: Yes it is the way it should be

He has to live his own life and find his own way

You are in close contact, with him often

This is just your illness, making you feel too much

And I listen, and I listen, trying to calm the storm in my mind

Trying to quell the tears in my eyes

trying to stop my heart from aching

trying to stop feeling too much, too intensely,

trying to be the normal me

to give my son room to be the normal him

4 thoughts on “The Storms in Your Mind

  1. “Living in Louisville and coming to Buffalo regularly itself is a therapy that is shaping Mother and Son in a manner that keeps their bonds alive and firm at both ends.
    You….. to delight in watching him progress to become the (critica)l teacher of laws – that are not all engraved in stone – that he seems intelligently inclined to be
    And him……. to know that there is very much his mother that is keenly interested in his progress and is slowly encouraging him to grow in confident approval of a responsible himself with increasing independence that is vital to success, while she concurrently continues to remain responsible to maintain her family in good stead as wife and friend – I mean best-friend – to his own Father to whom he may well be owing the strengths of hard work and perseverance
    – ainsi parlez “maimoun” on Fry-day June fifth (of 2015)

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