And what about dog lovers? Well…

They have more one night stands! Hahaha!

Many cat lovers play hard to get and dog owners often have friends with benefits, but pet-free Canadians are the saddest among us when it comes romance, a new survey has found.

The survey of Canadians on examines the dating behaviour of people based on their pet preferences.

Cat lovers, it found, are frugal, shelling out just $5 to $20 on a first date. Dog owners, meanwhile, are more generous, spending an average of $40 to $50.

Cat lovers are also quite aloof, with 34% waiting for the other person to make contact after a first date.

At 55%, dog people are the most likely to have had a one-night stand. They are also the most likely to have dated a friend, 51% compared 47% of cat lovers.

But it’s the pet-free Canadians who lack that romantic spark. At 68%, they are the least likely to believe in soulmates and true love, compared to 77% of dog lovers and 76% of cat lovers.

The survey of 1,054 Canadian singles was conducted Aug. 29-Sept. 1, 2012.

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