I Don’t Understand

I Don’t Understand

Why do young men with more melanin in their skin get killed, by police, by each other

I Don’t Understand

Why there is less opportunity for “people of color”

I Don’t Understand

Are we not all of the same human race?

Why this discrimination, why this disgrace?

I Don’t Understand

Why are women raped?

Are we not your sisters, your mothers, your daughters?

How, then, on us, can you lay a hand?

I Don’t Understand

People are starving, they have nothing to eat

While others gorge themselves till they are obese?

The earth is dying, we don’t give a care

Temperatures increasing, icebergs decreasing, deforestation, species elimination

I Don’t Understand

Oh, animal abuse, I can’t even talk about it

These innocent beings, cats, dogs, horses, others, can’t even talk about it

I Don’t Understand

Can we not live in a gentler world?

Where resources are shared and the earth is not raped?

Where we live as brothers and sisters and cooperate?

Where the color of our skin gives us no advantages or disadvantages?

Where no one has to say “Black Lives Matter”, and 2000 girls in Nigeria live safe and sound

And the only thing Isis signifies is the name of the Goddess who was the daughter of the Earth and the sky

Tell me why this world cannot be?

If each of us tries, if each of us thinks, if each of us acts

I Don’t Understand

Why it can’t

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