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I posted these pictures in a status on FB entitled “Covered up or not, My Choice!”

A response from a religious muslim person was that this is shameful.

Shame! In this context, shame is just a construct made to control women. To keep them covered up and at home, bearing children and listening to men.

Well I have been an atheist since my early twenties, so this shame thing slides off me like water off a duck’s back 🙂

What is shameful about the human body anyway? NOTHING! The Greeks idealized and mythologized it, the Romans alternately debauched and disciplined it, The Hindus worshipped it, and the Buddhists asceticized it. There is no shame in any of these philosophies. I personally think the human body is a glorious creation of evolution, almost perfect in its form and function of homeostasis, growth, repair and even decline through entropy to make room for others. The human brain, which is part of the human body, is an absolutely genius computer produced by millions of years of evolution. This brain can gather information through our sensory organs and produce an output in milliseconds. Self awareness comes to us via the human brain. And it is also with this brain we decide to make the decision to view the human body, nature’s “miraculous” creation as shameful or glorious. I choose the latter!

4 thoughts on “Shame-less

  1. This is an amazingly written post and gets across so much in a concise and powerful manner. I would seriously consider sending it to Huffington Post (not sure which section is best) – I think they have a 500-1000 word count in numerous sections. Maybe “Women”?

    Check out:

    There’s also which seems cool& I bet they’d be interested.

    Everyone should read this post and see the stunning photos that show the human body in its spectacular, natural beauty!

    p.s. the title rocks! I’m off to make sure I retweeted this and will read your other posts tomorrow. XOXOX

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    • Wow Dyane! Thank you so much! You made my day, my week, maybe even my month! I can’t thank you enough for finding my blog and reading and always commenting so positively on my posts. Love, love, love you girl. I’ll send it to the sites you suggested. Let you know what happens. xxxxoooo

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