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Trips are so much fun, no I don’t mean the hallucinatory ones, I mean the real ones. Real life is suspended, you are exploring new sights, eating new food, your interest is peaked, perhaps you are on a beach, swimming in the sea, the therapeutic sea. Thalassotherapy. On this trip to Turkey, I did have some anxiety and panic the first day I was there, which was highly unusual for me, it did subside very quickly and then I had a wonderful time. No responsibilities, no deadlines, just fun, food, family and friends. Getting dressed up, going out to dinner, a wedding reception, sightseeing. Freedom! Freedom from anxiety, from depression. Sometimes a feeling of wellbeing for no reason at all. Can I keep it all now that I’m home? I’m going to try. Obviously life is not suspended anymore, have play rehearsals every night for 3-4 hours to get ready for our July 16 opening night! Appointments, meetings, sessions, all waiting for me. Oh and unpacking, my least favorite activity in the world. But I suppose if I didn’t unpack, I wouldn’t be able to pack for my next trip, which I am planning even as I write this lol. Anyway, here are some pictures, memories, from my trip.

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