Another close call with an 18 wheeler

I am absolutely not trying to be a drama queen, this really happened! I was driving to the airport yesterday, in Buffalo, to get my flight back to Louisville. They have rotaries there now, and when I got to the rotary from Aero Drive to Holtz Drive, I was going to go to the right, around the circle when I saw a UPS 18 wheeler driving around the rotary from my left, he was exiting on to Holtz as I was entering. At the last minute he decided to come the same way as I was going, I mean come into the circle where I was. I don’t know how he didn’t hit me. I was driving a Nissan with not much pickup, I sped up as much as I could and somehow avoided being hit. After that happened, of course, I was a bit shocked. The radio was playing, the sun was shining, the amazing clouds were scudding about, and seconds ago, I was almost in an accident which I seriously don’t think I would have survived!

My first thought was, would my son know how much I loved him if I was gone? Thankfully, the answer was yes. Secondly, I went down the list of everyone I love and with whom I am friends, would they know how much I loved them? Have I apologized for any transgressions against anyone? Again the answer was Yes!

I am so happy to be here, and also to realize that if I had not survived in that moment, I could have gone knowing all my loved ones knew I loved them and I’d tried to make amends where I had erred.

Is this the way we should live life? Perhaps. It may not be such a bad way to live, always making sure people you love knew it, and whether inadvertently, or not, if you upset anyone, making amends for it.

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