In Providence, RI. 

I’m here, in Providence, RI. Just got here today. Yesterday, after hearing the horrific news of my dearest cousin’s son, I immediately made reservations to come here. He fell from a structure 35 ft high, broke 10 ribs, 6 other bones and perforated a lung. He is in the ICU, he is young and is slated to make a full recovery. I am so happy about that. I came here for my cousin. We grew up together, spent every summer vacation together. Played, quarreled, made up, grew up together, like sisters. I couldn’t bear for her to live through this near catastrophe by herself, so I jumped in a plane and got here as quickly as I could. Saw my nephew in the ICU, obviously not anything I wanted to have ever seen. But he will recover. He was on top of this structure in downtown Providence, filming a video for his friends’ band when he lost his footing. Luckily, oh so luckily, his friends called 911 and he was taken to the hospital. Were they drinking? Probably. Was it an incredibly stupid thing to do? Absolutely! Is my cousin terrified? Yes. It’s not this incident, it’s worrying from now on, a mother’s anxiety about her son’s safety. I know this well, so I came to help her with all of it. And to drum it in her head that yes, bad things can happen, but there is recovery, and better times ahead. I hope my nephew has learnt a valuable lesson, to never be so careless with himself, with his own safety. When he is not in so much pain, I will gently talk to him. And I hope his parents will talk to him and make him promise to be infinitely more careful! No more death defying feats, as my brother said, it’s been defied. Now only a promise, one, I hope and pray for my cousin, his mother’s sake, that my nephew will keep.

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