So happy to report 

That my nephew is home! He is, obviously in a lot of pain, but that is being managed by pain medication. He sat with a couple of friends and had dinner, which I had cooked, and watched a movie. It is truly a blessing to have him home from the hospital. My cousin is relieved though still in very watchful mode. This child of hers, he graduated at the top, I mean the very top, of his class from college. Then he decided to give his rock band a go, and they are well known in Rhode Island, as well as in the rock world. He has an amazing voice and musical ability. His band has recorded at least two albums! He is very creative, he’s made a lot of videos, been in many of my brother’s art projects. He was filming a video for another friend’s band when he fell, from three stories, breaking 11 of his ribs, two vertebrae had hairline fractures, and broke seven other bones on his left side. Oh my god! It could have been so much worse, this is no picnic, but it could have been so, so much worse. I mean if he’d hit his head! I can’t even think about it.  So, we are all very grateful that he is home. He says he may have developed acrophobia, to which I said: Smart! Acrophpbia is good. Happy to have him home, healing, reflecting on his actions and learning. Love this nephew of mine very much. Hoping he has learned some valuable lessons from this awful experience.

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