After the terror

I haven’t written or posted anything in a few days. At first I was just in shock from the terror attacks. Then I have been reading everything I can find, all the news reports, all the historical data, the commentary, anything I see that has to do with the events in Paris. I still don’t know what to say. Of course I condemn them, the acts, the people who perpetrated them. No matter what’s been done to the Middle East, and there has been a lot, such as the destruction of Iraq for no reason, such as the Palestinian issue, such as many things, why is IS the result of that? What I mean to say is no matter what happens to a region, why are cold hearted, deluded, murderous young men the ones to rise and take control of areas? Why IS? Why couldn’t it have been loving, peaceful minded, constructive people who took over? As I write this, I also come up with possible answers to that question. There is poverty, no education, no food, lawlessness. But many people are experiencing the same things and only a few of them join or become IS. So then what? Mental illness that is untreated, not even recognized? Who could set a living human being on fire? A sane person? Not by my definition. But if it is mental illness, then which one is it and what is the treatment? I don’t know. I have no answers. I just know I am beyond upset, beyond upset. My condolences go to the families of all those lost in the attacks. Are there going to be more? We are all fearful. I went to see the Bond movie, and for the first time in my life, I wondered if someone would blow themselves up or shoot me there. Also most of the objects of these attacks are other Muslims. People in Lebanon, Syria, Nigeria, Kenya, Pakistan. It’s awful, it’s heinous, it’s mad. What can we do, I don’t know. Rewire these mad people’s brains? If only. 

4 thoughts on “After the terror

  1. I read an article that talked about the Nepalese, and how they are living under tremendous oppression at the hands of the Chinese, yet except for the occasional self-immolation, they do not go into China and commit acts of mayhem. They have been peacefully crying out to the world for (ever since China annexed Nepal, can’t remember the date, more than 50 years). Same situation in other oppressed nations whose culture values peace and long life. One reads about olden times when young men were expected to take up the sword and go make war on some other tribe. Maybe, as you say, this is something like that, only now they do it with machine guns and bombs rather than swords and battle axes. Capture and rape of young women is still all the rage, though.

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