Farooq Ahsan 1964-1991

IMG_3720 suicide prev Tulip

Once again the calendar has rolled around to this unbearably sad, this sad tragic day in our lives. My 26 year old brother, my beautiful, loving, sensitive, intelligent Farooq took his own life today. In fact, I believe that is a bit of a misconception. His depression took his life today. He did not. If someone could have been there to hold his hand and walk him away from certain doom, I firmly believe he would have been here today, and his two beautiful children would not have grown up fatherless. Father’s day for them, so close to when they lost their father every year, must seem like some sort of cosmic joke.

I wish I had been there for him when he was suffering so intensely. I miss him and love him very much. I always will.

16 thoughts on “Farooq Ahsan 1964-1991

  1. I’m sorry this will be such a difficult day for you. I can only imagine how painful it must be. It’s okay to think of your memories with Farooq. You’ll make it through the day. Besides, your post today could possibly prevent someone else from taking their life. I try to keep that always in my mind when I write.

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