Close call…


Got off the plane, went to the restroom. Had my purse and my Macbook Air in a bag with me. Spotted a Starbucks, oooh coffee, went and got some. went to a natural foods place and got a sandwich. Went to the bookstore, browsing… suddenly realized my computer bag was missing! Heart skipped a few beats, broke out in a hot sweat… crap… went all the way back to the disembarkation gate in Concourse B from A, went back to the bathroom, no computer, went back to Starbucks, no computer, stopped on the way at a gate and asked agent to help me. She said to go to the police office. On the way to the police office, stopped at bookstore, no computer, last chance, stopped at the natural foods restaurant… and there it was, my gray bag, with my Macbook Air, sitting propped up against some soft drink dispensers. I laughed and laughed and said thank you and gave the girl behind the counter a great, big hug! Said thank you again and walked all the way back to my gate for Buffalo.

Wow! We don’t know how precious something is until it’s lost. Human nature, I guess. I mostly thought of my pictures on my computer, about 2000 of them, those are what I would have missed the most.

So lucky! So lucky! Hanging on tight to my computer bag.

6 thoughts on “Close call…

  1. Whew! Close one indeed. May you continue to be blessed with only honest people!

    Have you tried Dropbox for backing up your photos? You can set it to upload your photos every time you’re connected to Wi-Fi. I don’t use icloud because I object to Apple’s policies of holding your media prisoner through their i-system. Right now I can’t access a whole bunch of music I bought from iTunes because I cancelled Match, because it was sucking my music off my computer into the “cloud,) without my permission. I don’t want it in the cloud because I rarely have internet! Anyway. Safe journey!

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    • Thank you Laura for your wonderful wish for me!
      Sorry you’re having so much trouble with iTunes. Hope they get resolved soon and you get your music back.I have internet all the time and am online way too much, so I think not having internet may be a good thing πŸ™‚


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