High Emotions and Buffalo

I am a pretty emotional person, and the emotions are intense, I’m working on it, truly I am. It’s very hard to live a life always with high emotions. Of course partly that is bipolar disorder, but partly it may be just who i am or the trauma I’ve undergone. Any way, I am in intensive therapy so I never bother my very dear friends. I am going to get these emotions and over reactions under control. As God is my witness, I will never be a drama queen again! (Haha no drama there.) Here’s the thing about us drama queens, firstly we make excellent actresses, and secondly we are not having emotional fits to bother other people. That’s just how intensely we experience things. If you think that’s bad for you, my friend, and I know it is too much for you, you should feel what we go through in this life or death way we live. Ugh. It is totally for the birds! And I am bound and determined to not be in the constant throes of life and death. Therapy is going to help me, I am assured by my wonderful therapist. She has done wonders for others and since I am motivated and intelligent and determined to change, I will change. I will Rewire the circuits of my brain, and create new neuronal connections that foster peace not drama. Amen. And peace. Oh please, I hope so, it is very hard, painful, and heartbreaking to live like this, and I don’t want to do it anymore.

Also, my trips to Buffalo will be few and far between after May 21st. That’s when my son graduates from Law school and moves to the New York City area, that’s his plan. And I will visit him there. So my Buffalo friends, if I have seemed insistent on seeing you, partly it was because I’ve known of this approaching deadline. But I am sure we will see each other, just no where near as often. I will miss you. But I am sure, our schedules allowing, we will keep in touch. Buffalo has been my home since 1972. It has a very special place in my heart and always will.


6 thoughts on “High Emotions and Buffalo

  1. I love the analysis of drama queens, that’s such a cool way of explaining it. I’ve been wanting to ask for a while, I hope it doesn’t offend you – what’s the thinking behind posting so many photos of yourself?

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