CloudsLeoFeeling awful. Tired to the bone. Black swirls of abandonment, rejection, hot, red knots of fear in my belly, the “I am not good enough” refrain singing in my ears, all in all a pretty bad start to my day. How’s yours going? But something amazing happened. Just looked out the window, and saw my beautiful Buffalo clouds and a smile appeared on my face. Not the great Great Lakes clouds, but still beautiful cloud formations. Beauty, it does help and my Leo, sitting in front of the window, very intensely observing everything.

My son came back from hockey this morning full of excited stories about a man there who coached him and taught him how to play better. Now he’s gone off to lift weights, young and energetic! May he always be so. I had my coffee, going to take a shower, and meet my friend Deb for lunch. I must admit that at least just in this moment, in this one little moment, life is good.

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