So Happy to Share That

Screen Shot 2016-02-12 at 7.47.14 PMDSCN7502 - Version 2

So happy to share that:

1) I got 31 Likes on my blog posts today. Thank you to my dear readers for this record number of likes!

2) Because of the abandonment work I’ve been doing on my self (more on that later) I am learning the signs of anxiety and not to act because I’m anxious! This is huge for me, because basically until today, whenever I felt anxious, I could not control myself from acting out in ways that were damaging to my relationships with my friends and family. Getting my life back, from the past, from the abuse, from the anxiety and panic. I am not going to let those miscreants control me anymore. I am going to control myself and my own life!

4 thoughts on “So Happy to Share That

  1. This update on how the abandonment work is helping you is truly incredible, Samina! I can tell you’re making a tremendous, positive leap. Beautiful, beautiful picture too! 🙂 It reflects what’s going on within… Xo

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