Today, tomorrow, and this weekend :-)

Today is the 11th anniversary of the day my mother passed away. It is a sad day. I mourn and grieve for her. The mother who passed away, I had forgiven. The mother who passed away was really not the woman who mercilessly abused me, (Oooh felt a twinge of something old there) so I did love her. And I know she loved me.  So that’s today. 

Tomorrow is my husband’s birthday I spent all day making Bolognese pasta sauce (delicious, even if I do say so myself 😊) and these cakes from one of the most labor intensive and time consuming ‘Gourmet’s best desserts’ recipes in the history of the world! I had to make three kinds of syrups, whip up egg whites into stiff peaks, macerate strawberries, and whip cream and on and on. I will assemble the whole thing tomorrow and will put up a picture. Next year I think I’ll go to a bakery…

This weekend is the women’s weekend at the horse ranch. I simply cannot wait. It’s going to be wonderful! 

5 thoughts on “Today, tomorrow, and this weekend :-)

  1. It’s your mother’s heeloolah, the day she passed into the halal, the void.

    I think that when my own mother dies I will grieve for the loss of the mother I didn’t have.

    Your cake….if I were not in Flagstaff, I would be at your house. In fact, I might not leave.

    I am so excited for you about the horse retreat. I am sure you will be in seventh heaven and come back transformed, or just not come back, but stay with the horses always. Your husband would have to just, you know, deal.

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    • I’m not a saint but I did forgive my mom many years before she died. And we did have a good relationship for those years. Before that I absolutely used to hate, detest, really hate her. So I know about difficult mother daughter relationships and I am sorry you have one of those. Who knows, she’s still here, she may change!
      Can you get here by tomorrow, that’s when we’re having the cake.
      Absolutely right about the horse retreat! I don’t think I’ll come back. Yes no more made from scratch cakes for my husband. Hugs for you Laura.

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