A poem. 

I wrote the words below in direct response to thoughts of giving up, of quitting this life altogether, to buoy myself up, and it did the job, 🙂 Hope it helps you too!

Life is so precious.

Hang on with all your might, to the jars with fireflies inside.

To the constellations in the skies.

To tassels made of gold.

To rosy cheeked cherubs.

To the memories of old.

To the creeks where silver horses drink their fill of water.

To the azure skies and majestic clouds of home.

Don’t despair, life holds promises never broken.

Hope rises in your heart unbidden, never spoken.

Beauty may be skin deep, yet it exists or existed.

Pictures, yellowed with age, crinkled at the edges, yet they tell a story.

Your story, my story, his story, her story.

Framed in frames of gilt with etched spring flowers.

Bunches of lilacs, roses, jasmine, the hours.

Pain too is a part of life. You cannot escape it.

Breath and sinew and muscles ever contracted, uplifted.

Without knowing where you’re going, you must go.

Never leave the road, not for stones or the dust that arose.

Life, it is precious. How can you not know that?

Hang on to it, with strong hands and take firm steps.

Hope is your mantra, happiness a sigh.

Love, the destination, peace ever up high.

Trees, your soldiers, they will stand tall and strong.

Stars a twinkling, streams with sweet, clear water, gurgling by.

How could you forsake all these? Think of the gifts you’ve been given!

The menageries, the mansions, with bowers, your children, yes, you’ve striven.

Hang on, like the chrysalis inside its cocoon, the one that makes its appearance as the gossamer winged butterfly.

Belief, hope, love, they’re passed on forever, they never die.





4 thoughts on “A poem. 

  1. This vivid poem is incredibly beautiful, Samina, and it’s exactly what I need to read tonight. It has been a tough, strange month, but the past four weeks have also been filled with beauty, triumph and joy.

    I know *your* past month has been such a challenge…and you’ve met it SO well! With strength and knowledge!

    While reading this I thought it would be so cool for you to do a video of your reciting it to us because you’re a gifted orator (is that the right word?) and actress – but I suggest that you don’t do this piece as Lady Crawley!!! 😉

    You would say it in your one and only “Samina-Style”!

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    • Thank you so, do much my dear friend! You are so kind. My friend’s son death gAs thrown me for a loop and into having panic attacks about my son. I wrote this poem in direct response to my fear. I am so glad that you were able to find beauty and positive things even in the midst of a trying time. What a great idea to read the poem and post it! I will. You know we actresses like to act and orate! Love you tons XXXOOO

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      • I’m SO sorry about your son’s friend, Samina! I haven’t read all my favorite blog posts yet – I’m so behind, but I’ll catch up.

        I hope the panic attacks are gone or near-gone – my God, it’s totally understandable why you’d have them!!!!! sending you love, strength and light, my sister!

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