3 thoughts on “We’re cucumbers with anxiety? Hahaha

  1. I guess we all are birds of a feather in these here parts…I also posted that cucumber with anxiety pic on my Facebook page lol Oh well, great minds, and all that!


  2. I saw that meme yesterday, I think, and I did chuckle!

    I’m sooooo sick of anxiety, my friend! At least I kicked my benzo addiction a few years ago. Rescue Remedy (all-natural but pricey) helps me…but I need to deal with it instead of hide from it. Both my pdoc and therapist are meditators and suggest doing that, but I resist because I feel like I’ve been in my head TOO much! :0


    Hope your anxiety is getting better & as always, I 💗 you.
    XOXOXO Dyane “Cucumber” Harwood!
    🍆 (they didn’t have cucumbers so this eggplant will have to do!) 😜


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