Ride the Tiger: A Guide Through the Bipolar Brain

This is a documentary video (link below) about bipolar disorder featuring Patty Duke.

So funny, the title, I so relate to it! (While not this baby tiger in the picture with me, she was adorable, though she did have big teeth and claws, even at 11 weeks of age!). I’d written a poem in the midst of a mixed manic episode that was called “Tiger.” In fact it’s posted here on my blog here: https://bipolar1blog.wordpress.com/2014/08/03/tiger-again-in-manic-phase/
In this poem I’d likened my mixed manic phase as a tiger having me by the throat and thrashing me around. That’s exactly what it felt like, when I was in that mixed phase. No control over my emotions, the intensity of the emotions being seemingly lethal and astronomical. I still remember what that felt like. And I am eternally grateful that since I have been on an adequate dose of lithium and totally off SSRI’s, I no longer have that intolerable intensity of uncontrolled emotions. Whew! Maybe there’s a benevolent god after all!  Sorry for being all over the place here, I had a glass of wine with dinner, makes me happy, although doesn’t really mix with my meds that well… oh well…



Nearly six million Americans have been diagnosed with the disorder and yet so little is known about how the illness manifests itself in our brains. Ride the Tiger is a one-hour documentary that tells the stories of highly accomplished individuals who have been diagnosed as bipolar. (Of course I would say they’ve been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Note from Samina)

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