Haven’t been posting much…

DSCN0197 - Version 2Somehow the posting bug left me for a while and then I was busy with my son’s graduation from Law school, traveling to Buffalo, NY, planning the ensuing party, dealing with PTSD, anxiety and panic (more on that in another post) and being incredibly proud and happy that my son is a lawyer now and studying to pass the Bar exam!

But I think I’ve been bitten again and will be posting the 2-5 times a day as I used to, lol !

Yes I actually miss blogging, it is (usually) very soothing and calming for me, the writing of a post and the reading of other bloggers’ posts and commenting on them. I don’t read and comment enough, but I will do from now on.

Also, funnily enough, after becoming a blogger for the HuffPost, instead of encouraging me to post more, it (counterintuitively) inhibited me from writing posts. Whereas I decide what to post on my blog and it is instantaneous, that is not the case for HuffPost. Of course I understand, they have to read everything first and then decide whether or not to post something, and consequently there is also a delay in posting. And the uncertainty… I have never done well with uncertainty, never, so not knowing whether my post will be published or not is kind of a bummer for me. Anyway, I can’t really complain too much as I am a blogger for HuffPost and I am truly thrilled about that. Who knows, maybe the waiting will teach me to wait!

Well, just wanted to let y’all know that I’m back 🙂

7 thoughts on “Haven’t been posting much…

    • Yeah, dude!
      Didn’t see you stop by my last post – where’s that Plain Ol’ Vic love? 😉
      Just kidding – I know you’ve been out of town, so you get a grace period!

      Plus I’m the same way (this is f.y.i. for both of you awesome possums) i.e. I’m reading/commenting @ other blogs much, much less these days. I’m taking a HuffPost hiatus and I muted most of my Twitter & Facebook feed because I must to buckle down to complete my book. The deadline is coming up way faster than I’d like, and that’s my priority. :0000

      Wishing you two a wonderful weekend!

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      • Wow all of us not blogging, must be something in the air! For you Dyane, that’s the sound of pages turning. Good luck with your book, I know you’ll get it done and in an awesome way! Write on!
        Happy weekend to you both as well. Xxoo

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