Fisher Wallace Stimulator for Treating Depression, Anxiety and Insomnia, as Well as Chronic Pain

Wow, if this really works, it may be the answer to so many of our prayers. I am definitely going to talk to my doctor about it and see if I can try it! Anxiety, depression, how wonderful would it be to alleviate those. I just hope that the Serotonin it helps your brain produce doesn’t push you into the manic phase. Lets see how people react to it, and also what my doctor and therapist have to say about it. But really, if this works, it would be so fantastic! Fingers crossed!

The Fisher Wallace Stimulator® is cleared by the FDA for the treatment of depression and anxiety. During each 20-minute treatment session (once or twice a day), the device stimulates the brain to produce serotonin and other neurochemicals required for healthy mood, without causing the side effects of medication. Patients may use the device with or without medication, but should not reduce their current medication without first speaking to their doctor.

How It Works

Treat Symptoms with Advanced Technology

Designed collaboratively by world-class engineers and doctors, the Fisher Wallace Stimulator® uses patented waveforms to gently stimulate the brain to produce serotonin and other neurochemicals responsible for healthy mood and sleep. Unlike antidepressant medication that inhibits neuronal receptors from absorbing serotonin, the Fisher Wallace Stimulator® enables the brain to produce serotonin naturally while improving the brain’s ability to regulate the limbic system. Proven in multiple published studies, the device is cleared by the FDA to treat depression, anxiety and insomnia, as well as chronic pain (such as fibromyalgia) when used on the body. Watch the video to learn how easy it is to use.

Find Out if You Qualify to Use the DeviceAnswer a few simple questions on
Obtain Medical Authorization (required)Go to to obtain same-day authorization, or have your provider fax or email a prescription or completed authorization form to Fisher Wallace.
Buy a Device and Try It for 30 Days$100 Discount for Medicare, Medicaid, Veteran and First Responder Families.

Free 30-Day Trial – Just Pay for Shipping

Select during checkout and use PayPal Credit to buy a device – no payments are due for the first six months. You may return the device for a 100% refund within 30 days of receipt (excluding shipping).

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