Strength, Growth, Hope, and Letting Go

I got these pictures from a brilliant post I read from Rosiesmrtiepants:

So much wisdom and strength in these simple pictures. They inspired me and reminded me that I am strong and continue to grow and change, despite setbacks. I am truly hopeful that I learn and change and daily become a better version of me, that’s pretty incredible! And letting go is the way to freedom and peace of mind.

You could be re-triggered, things may look bleak in your re-triggered state, then it goes away, and you realize that you over reacted due to the triggered emotions. You use your strength to get back up, you use your experience to help you grow and learn how to stay calm and peaceful. Every time it happens, the intensity of the negative emotions is less and less severe, until one day, it doesn’t happen anymore. You are free of those old emotions that sabotage your life and happiness and peace. Your strength pulls you through, your intellect and logic save you and your hope lets you go on. And letting go of negative emotions, of anything that disturbs your peace allows you to live in happiness, peace and normalcy! Yes, it happens, it really does! Sometimes it happens so quickly that you are surprised by it, but it’s the knowing that the re-triggering has happened, it’s the knowing that saves you.

So, just know you are strong and be proud of your strength as you grow, have a hopeful mindset, and let go. Brilliant advice if you want to be happy, I am taking it 🙂

you still growhopeful mindsetlet go

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