Another Summer, Another Starfish?


I had an appointment with my therapist, a very rewarding session 🙂 After that I went to get a birthday gift for a friend. Went everywhere on foot, the fun part of city living. Then I was going to go get Samosas (the best) at Ramsi’s, except I saw a young man, blonde, badly sunburned, he asked me for some money, I had six 20’s and a one dollar bill. So I gave him the one dollar. Then as I was leaving, I said “Get some food with that.” To which he said he’d have to wait to collect some money to get food. So I took him to a chicken place and got him a large Chicken tenders meal. I told him to stay out of the sun and get a job. He said he’s been looking for jobs, unfortunately he’d just gotten out of jail, long story, and someone had stolen his backpack with his ID so he couldn’t apply for jobs. It cost (he told me) $16 to get a new ID and he didn’t have the money. So I gave him a $20 bill and told him to get his ID, made him promise haha. Then I walked to the nearby grocery store and got him a Louisville Cardinal baseball cap so his face wouldn’t get more sunburnt. He asked me how he looked and I told him: real gangsta! We both laughed at that. I again made him promise to get his iD and look for jobs, he assured me he would. He asked me for my phone number so he could prove to me that he’d gotten his ID… and I gave him my cell number. I hope he really does get his ID and goes and gets a job, he was simply too young to sit on benches asking people for money. I’m sending him tons of good wishes as I write this.

I hope he is a starfish who is happy that someone tried to throw him back in the ocean, and I really hope that even as little as I did, it will catapult him into a more functional and happy life.

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