My Louisville Friends


My friends know how difficult it’s been for me the last few days. One of them, so very sweetly, invited me to her house to play with her kitten Max and then gave me a bouquet from her garden! Another friend and I are going to lunch tomorrow. Another friend asked me many times if I wanted to talk, unfortunately I didn’t get back to her because at that time I couldn’t find any words. But I will get back to her. And then another friend, who is a fabulous photographer, and I are going to scope out the botanical gardens. We are going to do a photo shoot there sometime soon.

If not for my kind friends, whose actions are making it easier for me to cope with the sadness of my uncle’s death, of losing my brother, it would be a lot more difficult to get over the sadness. All the corny cliches such as “That’s what friends are for” and  “A friend in need is a friend indeed” and others, well they simply hold true in times when you are troubled. I really do have friends in Louisville, really good ones.

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