May Ulla be in Heaven and bipolar rot in hell

This club to which I , which we belong, this damned bipolar disorder club… this club of which I wish I’d never heard, this hateful, painful, sickening, useless, dangerous, life robbing, hour sucking, tortuous club, someone open the doors and let me out. 

There is a theory that bipolar, depression, schizophrenia, the terrific trio, exist as a side effect of high intelligence. That highly intelligent people can have siblings with these diseases and that evolution just keeps these illnesses around because the very intelligent people have an evolutionary advantage in survival. So we are just the collateral damage of high intelligence. Yes we are highly intelligent, but our moods are dysregulated as a result. So we go into the blackest of depressions and end our lives. Fuck you bipolar! May you rot in hell. 

And my friend Ulla, affectionately known to all of us as Blah of , I do so much hope you are in heaven and at peace. 

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