A most horrible and horrendous experience, one of the worst I’ve ever had in my life and that is saying something. My son went to a convenience/gas store around 3:30 am to get chips. He got jumped by 10-15 African American “boys”. Didn’t know who they were, he had to defend himself against their assault. Luckily he has taken some Kung fu and is, mashallah, a strapping young man, so he defended himself successfully, jumped in his car and came home. No one did a thing to help him or called the police while this shocking assault was taking place. My husband said a pack of hyenas met a lion last night and it truly is the case. He could have been severely injured or worse. A senseless occurrence, he was minding his own business, just trying to buy chips. They jumped him. Apparently this is a thing in Louisville, it’s called “Wilding” and it happens at the very gas station where he went. We didn’t know. The press used to cover these incidences but stopped a while ago. These misguided, dangerous, awful people, I wish them NOTHING good. I am angry, I am worried to the hilt, I am disappointed that this could happen, my son, my precious son.

12 thoughts on “Horrible!

  1. Oh my God …..words can’t express how sorry I am. this was so horrendous. thank God your son is okay!!! I would be beyond myself with anxiety and rage about such a thing. PLEASE take extra good care of yourself , sweetie!

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