Woodworking Workshop :-)

I signed up for a woodworking workshop. Today was the first class and I absolutely loved it! We are making a small coffee table with a choice of woods. I chose Mahogany. I cut a large piece in half longitudinally with an electric saw and smoothed out three of the sides. The Mahogany is absolutely gorgeous, the grain is intricate and beautiful and when it is done (I saw completed tables) it literally looks iridescent! I love it and I am so excited to be doing this. I’m the only one with two x chromosomes, the rest are all xy’s. About 7 of them. I’ve never used a saw before, electric or otherwise, so I’m very proud to say I did a great job cutting my piece of wood in half. Also faceplaned, yes technical lingo people 😀 and did that well too. Our teacher, who is a wonderful gentleman, was being really sweet and watchful of me but decided I didn’t need extra watching because I was doing fine. Can’t wait till next week. There are some pics below. The workshop is in the basement of an old brick building, it is absolutely beautiful! More pics next week. Really happy I signed up for this workshop!! It feels very therapeutic and relaxing and I’m creating something beautiful and useful.

This is the Mahogany I’m using to make my table. It’s resting on the saw I cut it with.

< img src=”https://bipolar1blog.files.wordpress.com/2017/10/img_6758.jpg&#8221; height=”4032″ class=”wp-image-10754″ width=”3024″>

2 thoughts on “Woodworking Workshop :-)

  1. Awesome!

    You’ll love woodworking, as you’ve already found out. Mahogany sure is beautiful, isn’t it?

    I use my great great grandfather’s hand tools from around the civil war. Slower, but fun. I’m planning on making a case for an electronic project I’m doing fairly soon, a steampunk style laptop powered by a Raspberry PI. I’m such a slow worker, that it’ll be some time next year until it’s done.

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