About the anxiety, a plan!

About the anxiety, I wake up with it every morning. Suffocating, thinking the most awful, frightening thoughts about what could happen to my loved ones. Every morning, terrified, panicked, what a way to wake up. Somehow I make it out of bed and make myself coffee.

Coffee helps dispel some of the gloom.

Doing something helps.

By evening I am fine. Back to my normal self. No doom, no gloom.

This happens everyday!

Can’t really increase Lithium, hairs falling out again.

I’ll increase Seroquel. I’ll live with a poochy stomach to get away from being tortured every morning. Maybe no poochy stomach as I am joining a Crossfit class for 6 weeks.

Hope that helps too.

So my plan is:

1) Coffee

2) Increase Seroquel*

3) Crossfit and Barre, and Woodworking workshop.

4) Julie Fast’s (www.bipolarhappens.com) Health Cards.

5) Still will try Havening a few times more at least

6) Deep breathing

7) Allergy shots (?)

8) And if terrifying intrusive thoughts still intrude, I hope they don’t, but if they do, I’ll challenge them and try to believe my words

* I’ll talk over the medication changes with my doctor of course.

I sincerely hope people out there are suffering from this kind of thing, but if you are, maybe making a plan in conjunction with your doctor will help.

Simply doing something immediately makes me feel a little better.

Change of seasons, change of moods, hang on everyone, we’ll get through it! We have done every year so far!

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