6 thoughts on “Powerful Psychedelic Compound Models Near-Death Experiences in the Brain | Technology Networks

  1. I’m sharing what I wrote on Twitter about your tweet, darling & beautiful friend! “Fascinating. I’ve always been fascinated by NDE’s. The psychiatrist/bestselling author who coined “NDE,” Raymond Moody (“Life After Life”) taught a class at my university 2 years ago. I was going to sneak in but security was tight.”

    At that point, I was still running my “DBSA women with bipolar disorder” support group. I got in touch with his wife Cheryl to see if he give a benefit talk for DBSA Santa Cruz County about his books. I was so dumb, I thought he’d speak for free & sell his books. He wasn’t free – he “came down” to only a $3000 asking price! Can you say, “No, thanks?” I did!


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