I have lost 20+ pounds due to severe anxiety.

Everyone says I look great. Do you know how it feels not to be able to swallow a mouthful due to being so anxious? Decidedly not great.

Imagine telling a cancer patient who has lost tons of weight that they look great? I don’t think so, that would be appalling.

But because I look and act normal in front of people, they don’t realize I have any illness at all.

Anyway, that is the lot of people with mental illness. No sympathy, no get well cards.

Just hell sometimes.

Roses for Ruby plans

Once we’ve gotten a sum of money, I will be hpibg and talking to all the veterinary clinics in my area as well as calling and emailing clinics all over the country, giving or mailing them flyers and cards with all our info on them so Pets who need financing can find us.

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Fundraiser by Samina Raza : Roses for Ruby


Samina Raza needs your help today! Roses for Ruby – Ruby was a beautiful young pup, adored by her dad and so energetic, so loved by many others. Just a few days ago, she got dog bloat and was in enormous amounts of pain. Her dad rushed her to the vet, they said they had to do surgery and the fee was $10,000 !! Her dad din’t have that kind of money…
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