Immune Cells in the Brain Have Surprising Influence on Sexual Behavior | Technology Networks

Immune Cells in the Brain Have Surprising Influence on Sexual Behavior | Technology Networks
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Interesting! Mast cells determine whether rats exhibit masculine or feminine behavior and new to me but it is known that estrogen masculinizes the brain!

Scientists May Finally Have Discovered Why Women Get More Migraines

Women are disproportionately affected by migraines – and we may finally have an answer as to why that’s the case.
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Why more women, me included, get more migraines. I had menstrual migraines starting at 23 years of age till a few years ago when I entered menopause. So estrogen or as the article says oestrogen is the culprit.

Study Identifies a Signaling Molecule Involved in Resilience to Stress | Brain & Behavior Research Foundation

Some people are more resilient than others in the face of stress, and therefore generally at lower risk of developing mood and anxiety disorders. In a new study of mice published March 28, 2017 in Nature Communications, researchers identify a lipid signaling molecule that may play an important role in determining an individual’s degree of resilience. Lipids are fatty molecules
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oh gosh, it’s a field day for posting!

2AG, the resilience molecule? So says this report!

Machine Learning Predicts Mood Disorder Medication Response | Technology Networks

Machine Learning Predicts Mood Disorder Medication Response | Technology Networks
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This is good, very good! A way to diagnose which disorder a person has will allow doctors to prescribe the correct medications!

I know this certainly would have helped me when at the outset, I was diagnosed with major depressive disorder (MDD) and prescribed antidepressants. Since I actually had bipolar 1, the antidepressants pushed me into a full blown manic phase.

This diagnostic method would have correctly identified me as having bipolar 1 and I would not have been given antidepressants. I would have been prescribed mood stabilizers and who knows, I may never have experienced full blown mania!

So this will stop the misdiagnosis of people like me. This is good!

Transcendental meditation? Ummm No!

If you’re thinking of transcendental meditation, DON’T!

Read the articles below.

It costs 1000’s of dollars, for which they give you a scam mantra, it can increase anxiety, a lot. The person who started this scam, Maharishi mahesh yogi was neither a Maharishi (the highest teacher) nor a yogi.

It’s a bad thing. Don’t do it.