“Get It Done When You’re Depressed”

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“Get It Done When You’re Depressed” is the title of my new blogger friend Julie Fast’s book. She is a bestselling author, speaker and coach, here is her website: http://www.juliefast.com/ This book, which I am reading, is right on the money and offers many helpful strategies for coping and overcoming the effects of depression! I love it and recommend it whole heartedly! She’s written other books as well, the information is on her website.

Her wordpress blog is bipolarhappens.wordpress.com

She knows an enormous amount about bipolar d/o through experiencing it herself and the experience of friends. I am so happy I had the opportunity to meet her, she is like a force of nature, outspoken, confident, knowledgeable and helpful and strong to her core! She asked me to do 2 small videos for her, 1) How does traveling affect my mood and 2) what would I say to someone newly diagnosed with bipolar d/o. I will do these tomorrow and email them forthwith.