I do feel slightly over medicated, under stimulated…


Sort of blah, sort of bored. Is this what normal feels like?

On loads of lithium, well actually on 900 mg one day and 600 mg the next day, so not loads, perhaps a bit of a hyperbole, yes, every now and then. Helps keep boredom at bay…

Wanted to go out dancing, but no one would go with me… There’s a band every Sunday, at a park a stone’s throw away from my house, people dance. I can hear the music playing, my feet eager and impatient to dance, but no partner… well if this is the worst problem I have then I can complain of nothing at all.

Nothing dramatic, sort of addicted to drama I think, are all people with mood disorders addicted to drama? Must have ups and downs or the steady, non fluctuating rhythm of life seems to get boring and then a boredom anxiety sets in, haha, damned if you do, damned if you don’t. Well, the dancing would have helped, I’m sure, moving my feet makes me happy, hence Zumba, hence dancing for 4 hours at weddings.

Very hot outside, have a bad case of allergies, the gym is closed today. So I’m going to exercise at home, inside, away from the ragweed allergens swirling outside.

Don’t have much to say, feel dull and bored. Time to reduce the lithium? At my own risk, but I do feel slightly over medicated, under stimulated… Time to call the doctor, oh never mind, I have an appointment with him soon.

Perhaps a cup of coffee!