NO to suicide!

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Strange, I was going to write about suicide and all day I have been seeing references to it, either written, or on TV, or on a billboard. Must be very attuned to it, I suppose, like when you are pregnant, you see pregnant women everywhere. Sorry guys, let me find an example that you with the Y chromosome can also relate to: like when you are thinking about the next football game, and you see cheer leaders everywhere, is that good?

Anyway, this is an appeal to anyone out there who is thinking of suicide. Please don’t. You are embroiled in emotions, or have taken this decision based on emotions. Emotions change. You don’t have to do this. Your frame of mind will change and you will not think about this anymore. Reach out to someone, anyone, a hotline, a friend, a stranger. Anyone at all. Please don’t do it. When people who attempted suicide, but either were unsuccessful, or were saved, they ALL said that they were happy they were still here. Not one of them said any different. So please, write to me, call someone, check yourself into a hospital (stigma be damned), but don’t do it. Don’t even attempt it.

You have this thing called life to live. Right now, it may see, may even be intolerably sad, horrible, whatever, but things change. Moods change, especially in people who have mood disorders. What is unbearable now may become something from which you springboard into being ok or happy, or normal and strong, or who knows, jubilant. Feelings change, emotions change. Dead doesn’t change. So don’t do it. Sit tight, call for help and begin another day.

If you think of your loved ones, if you still have that capacity, you know they will never get over losing you. It will be an unbearably sad event for them, for your children. For goodness’ sake, don’t take that step. Respect life, I know that’s not what people mean when they say that, but I mean it. Respect your own life and live it. It will get better.

Love and hugs and may you have peace of mind and peace in your soul.