A poem about someone who hates themselves…

Find me find me
I am not going to make it easy
If you find me you’ve won
If I hide I will be wanted more
I want your obsession
I want you revenge
I want you to care about me more that you care about yourself
I want you addicted to me
Because I have this black hole inside me that I cannot fill
So I must whip you and enslave you to make myself feel better
No matter what you do you will not be successful
You will always be wrong I’ll make sure of that
But go ahead and try, bang your head against the wall of my despair
I’ll make sure you know how stupid you are and how you lack any skills
Just like Mommy Dearest did to me
Nothing you do will be good enough
And I’m clever enough to make it seem like it’s all your fault
That you are the one who has no skills
I am not ready to love myself so I hate you
So you cannot love me.
I see love as weakness and I pounce on weak people like a cat does to a mouse
no one will win, every one will lose, I don’t care if I have to destroy myself to destroy you, I will destroy you.
You come to me as if you really care for me hahahaha
You are only in it for yourself.
I have to beat you before you beat me
I don’t love myself so I must hate you
Please love me even if I am impossible
Take me out of this hell hole
I need you I want you I’ve got to have you baby
But if I let you find me you’ve won and you can never win
I love you
I hate you I will not embrace you
You must be whipped for loving me because I am so unworthy
I love you I hate you

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