Just some thoughts.


Isn’t it amazing when you are feeling bad (which I am not at all, by the way,) how, as soon as you call your doctor, as soon as you talk to him or her, how you instantaneously start feeling better! That happens to me every time! I am feeling depressed or anxious, or my mind is working overtime, refusing to stop. I call my doctor, we come up with a plan, and I feel better. The word Psychiatrist is made up of psych, which means the mind, and iatr or iater, which means healer, so healer of the mind. I think just the idea of a healer heals us. Just the idea that help is possible and near helps us feel better.

That brings to mind the placebo effect. How many people are healed with just sugar pills. Nothing in them but sugar. What the mind can do! Amazing! I always think we should harness the power of the placebo effect so we don’t have to put up with bad side effects that often come with psychiatric drugs.

Someone should study it. Probably not going to happen, there’s no money in sugar pills.

Just some thoughts.

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