Note to self: Please stop acting insane!


Really hate this disease/illness/hell today. My adrenalin spikes are so high that when they happen, they make me behave in an extreme and obsessive and insane way. My friends, even ones who know I have this illness, find it extremely difficult to deal with me and understand why I am behaving this way. I don’t blame them, who wants a rash, obsessed, crazy person around. I mean when a friend says “You’re doing it again. Please settle down a little” it is a wake up call, and it is embarrassing beyond belief… And not only that, am I now supposed to contact this friend again? The issue that I was going on and on about is drowned in this manicky behavior and never gets addressed. It seems to be happening more this year than in the past years… Lithium, Seroquel, whatever, it isn’t controlling this manicky aspect of my illness. And then I feel like absolute crap that I behaved like a lunatic again. WTF am I supposed to do? Call my psychiatrist so he can add on a 3rd medication with triple the awful side effects? Oh My God. Leave me the eff alone, leave my brain alone. Why do I have to live in this hell? This hell of embarrassment and chagrin and fear? Fear because I am so afraid all my friends will leave me, all my family will leave me because of my strange, obsessed, extreme behavior. ย Tis the season, tis the season alright, of being as annoying, extreme, and frightening as I can be. Ho ho ho.

Is there not a positive way to look at this too? That a friend realized I was acting manicky and cared enough to check me thereby stopping me in my manic tracks? That means I have good, I mean GOOD friends. My friends, even though I am acting really annoying, recognize that that’s not me and give me a warning. Who could ask for better friends?

Even though I have this disease, I have friends and family who look out for me and let me know when I am behaving in a manicky way, so that I recognize what I am doing and stop. Ok, lets go with this version, where everyone is helping me overcome my illness’ symptoms and somehow banish, banish, banish the fear.

And if you readers have no idea what I am talking about, consider yourselves very lucky.

7 thoughts on “Note to self: Please stop acting insane!

  1. So glad you could see through the fear and The bag of tricks fear uses to keep you trapped in its grips to see the truth (the positive side). The most powerful weapon against fear.

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