Breakthrough Workshop at Caron.


This sounds amazing! I am seriously thinking about going there for their 5.5 Day Workshop for Personal Growth. The most important thing for me is Emotional Manageability on a Daily Basis. Sounds really wonderful! I wonder if this works for people with bipolar d/o. We certainly need emotional manageability. Do any of my blogging friends (Dyane?) know about this program? The picture is the mansion in Caron PA where the workshops and groups are held!

About Breakthrough Workshop

One Week Can Change Your Life

Life is full of ups and downs and most of us want to flourish and improve our lives and the lives of those we love.  Breakthrough at Caron is a groundbreaking residential, 5-day program specifically designed for adults seeking a higher level of happiness and satisfaction.

Breakthrough at Caron has helped over 40,000 adults overcome obstacles that may have previously blocked their efforts towards developing healthier relationships, positive connections and emotional stability. One year follow-up studies conducted by Rutgers University have shown that this innovative program can promote change and maintain results leading to a healthier more rewarding life.

The Breakthrough program is held in a beautiful restored mansion in the hills of Eastern Pennsylvania. Unlike other programs, our program is offered every week of the year and staffed by a team of full-time therapists. Our focus is helping adults, 18 and older, who believe that life could be better and would like to gain the momentum or direction necessary to create the lasting change they want and need. Breakthrough utilizes a unique and time tested process of experiential group therapy where groups of 10, facilitated by 2 skilled full-time therapists, work together to identify previously unidentified and ineffective patterns and to develop healthier and more effective responses towards achieving personal goals.

All aspects of the program are designed to create a “real time” experience of changing unwanted patterns that interfere with healthy attachment. Using an individualized approach, methods include mindfulness training and psychodrama along with exercises to address complex grief and shame which may be inhibiting desired growth. Regardless of previous experience in a group, Breakthrough clients are able to expand their own comfort zone and take risks that they never dreamed were possible.

Today may be the day your change begins.

Come to Breakthrough if you want to:

  • Bring out the best in yourself, allowing your strengths to guide you
  • Flourish and grow rather than just cope
  • Be the best parent, partner and spouse you can be
  • Have emotional manageability on a daily basis – regardless of the ups and downs around you
  • Experience happiness and joy as a way of life
  • Increase the closeness and intimacy in your relationships
  • Feel productive and purposeful in your work
  • Be able to accept the people and things you cannot change
  • Center your life around your values and the people you love

Although a referral from a therapist is not required, this program is intended as an addition to private therapy or outpatient counseling where individuals may accelerate their personal growth by examining and modifying long-standing patterns that interfere with their quality of life. At the conclusion of the program, Breakthrough staff provides each participant with direction for follow-up care and a referral to a therapist for individuals who do not yet have one.

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