This is what I’m thinking about: Why? Why are we humans so violent? Why are we so covetous? Why so depraved? I’m sure we are the only species that tortures and kills its own kind. Why? Why is there such a hierarchy of superiority? Why are looks so important? “Beautiful” people are considered so much better than “plain” or “homely” ones. Why? Why does racism exist? Why, when we all came out of Africa? Why is the earth being destroyed for the love of power and wealth? Why such short sighted thinking? Why does one family have billions of dollars and is still greedy for more, while millions, and more struggle to put food on their table. Why is it we send our impoverished young men out to kill, torture and mam in other countries and when they return, all crazy from the horrific things they’ve seen and done, we let them rot. Become homeless, go crazy.
Why? With all the intelligence, the creativity, even the love that we humans possess, why all this carnage, selfishness and destruction?
Are any of these behaviors sick? What is considered mental illness and what’s not?

4 thoughts on “Why?

  1. Because 1 to 4 percent of the population are sociopaths and they tend to be leaders who rise to positions of wealth, power and authority. Humanity’s future depends upon our learning to identify them and keep them out of power. The main identifying features is their lack of integrity, honesty and trustworthiness. Yet we see these as optional in politicians. Winning is more important to us, as if the false morality of football and lawyering were good enough.

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    • Yes all true. And a lack of empathy as well. But I still ask why? Why a society like the one we have built. There is love and compassion and respect for the earth… and yet we are totally destroying ourselves. Wretched humans that we are. I don’t much like to be a part of this race.

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      • I get the feeling that almost every person I meet on the street is a kind, decent person. As I read people’s blogs, it’s amazing how many wonderful people there are. But when it comes to people I’ve dealt with who are in positions of power and authority, it’s a different picture. A high percentage of them are not trustworthy, lack normal empathy and feel little or no remorse for hurting others. They paint the rest of us as destroyers when we’re not. We simply follow them and allow them to destroy our world because they are natural leaders and most of us are followers. They tend to be brave risk takers and we tend to be afraid. I believe the human race is loaded with wonderful people with good hearts, but the outliers who rule us make us think we’re an evil seed.

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      • I agree that the people who rule have the traits of sociopaths, But the nature of power is also that it corrupts and as it is said: Absolute power corrupts absolutely! And even “nice ” people can show very evil sides at the drop of a hat. Well lets hope for loving, positive, constructive people in our lives and let’s hope to be those kinds of people.

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