Probiotics may hold key to improving mental health

Probiotics, the healthy bacteria that live in our guts may be the key to treating mental illness!! In one study, when mice were stripped of their good, healthy bacteria, they developed anxiety and depression. When they were again given probiotics back, their mood became normal, as chemicals that reduce depression and anxiety flooded their brain. These findings show that is possible to simply feed a bacterium to mice and actually change the chemistry in their brain.
“In the first study of its kind, Canadian researchers are investigating whether probiotics, the good stomach bacteria that aid digestion, regulate the immune system and reduce inflammation, may in fact be a treatment for those with bipolar disorder.”
Dr. Valerie Taylor at the Women’s College Hospital in Toronto is doing a study in which she is giving probiotics to people with mental illness. She hopes to find out whether probiotics can have a similar effect in people. And if they do, then taking an over the counter pill is good bacteria will be able to help millions of people with mood disorders and other mental illnesses.

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