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It’s very strange, you have a blog. You pour out your soul into it. You write almost everyday. You post your writing. Sometimes it actually helps to unburden yourself and you really feel lighter. Sometimes, it just unsettles the murky sands of your mind and it becomes more difficult to see clearly, no, no clear vision after some posts. No clairvoyance. But the strange thing is that you have really no control over who reads your blog or how many people read your blog.

There is a statistics page. It shows how many visitors your blog has had and how many of your posts were viewed and from what country the viewers came. For example it says 3 visitors. 3 views. And it says which posts got how many views. Picture below.

Screen Shot 2015-02-11 at 12.18.16 AM

And that is all it tells you. You don’t know if the viewers actually read your whole post, or if they liked it, or if they’ll be coming back. So you live in uncertainty… sort of like life… haha.

Of course, some of my viewers always comment and leave such wonderful comments that it literally warm my heart.

Ah well, a foray into the world of blogging. Fun, educational, and just like life. Onwards ho!

5 thoughts on “The Blog

  1. Samina, there are ways of getting readers. Participating in WordPress’ online classes and challenges. Reading and commenting on similar blogs. Following and reading and liking other blogs. The bottom line is, in my experience, it takes work to get followers.

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