Still Standing

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This tree, this beautiful, strong, stalwart, faithful tree, was struck by a powerful flash of lightning. We were in the back of our condo and the sound was so loud, so loud that I swear I’ve never heard such a loud sound before. The tree is about 20 ft. away from our building. Its bark was shattered, splintered and thrown all over the street as well as into our front yard! Yet it stands! This amazing tree still stands. I am in awe of it. I gather strength from it. As you may have noticed, I haven’t been posting too much lately… well… I haven’t been feeling good. But since seeing this tree withstand I don’t know how many joules of electricity with which the lightning struck it, I feel inspired and strengthened. If the tree could do it, and it is a living being, then so can I! If the tree can take a hit and still keep standing, so can I! I love trees. You may even see me giving a tree a hug if you are walking in Cherokee Park. I am so glad that this tree is still here and I hope the wood wide web is giving it the nutrients it needs to heal. Yes there really is a wood wide web and yes the trees in it really do send nutrients to weak trees, here is a link if you’re interested in the wood wide web:

Ain’t the world grand!

Well then, here’s a poem I wrote for this heroic tree:

The Tree

It was a flash, it was a powerful flash

You were struck, and it could have undone you

But you are strong. stronger than what life throws at you

You absorbed it, stood strong and grounded

I look at at you and marvel, how did you do it

But there is no “how”, there is only standing tall and proud

My best wishes for this amazing tree and may it live a long and healthy life.

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