Moment to moment.

If theatre teaches you one thing, it is to stay in the moment, to stay in the now. You drop a line? Let it go. Go on to the next line. If you think about your dropped line, you will miss the next line as well. Let it go, stay in the moment. You dropped your cue? Let it go, move on to the next cue. No time for thinking. If you think about the dropped cue, you will drop the next one too. This is perfect practice for life, yes theatre as practice for life. In your life, you drop a line, it’s done, it’s in the past. Move on, leave the past behind, stay in the moment.

I will NOT drop any lines in the performance tonight! But if I do, I will leave them behind, in the land of abandoned, silent, unfulfilled lines, and I will go on, on stage to give my next lines, the lines that are fortunate and heard, bounced off of the audiences’ eardrums and appreciated by the theatre goers. These lines live in the land of NOW. And it is constantly now and we must stay here and deliver and never worry about what’s past.

The Power of Now, The Power of Theatre!


It was amazing that the audience members who knew Anne Braden, appreciated my performance so well. This is the first time I’ve actually played a historical figure and to get that kind of feedback is priceless!

Pics after tonight’s performance. Wish me “Break a leg!” gentle readers!

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