An invitation by Healthline!

 I have been invited by to Philadelphia to talk about my history of bipolar disorder and also to talk about which medications work well for me. Drug reps from Seroquel will be there, and if there is a poster child for Seroquel effectiveness, it is me! I’ll be there on October 21-22. I am so excited to be doing this. I had no idea what opportunities and chances would be afforded by my starting this blog, now that I know I am thrilled that I started it! I hope my story and my experience with Seroquel will be of use to the drug company, and it will help them design even more effective medications with fewer side effects. Especially without the poochy stomach side effect, haha. Well, wish me luck! And now I have to go read everything I find about the biochemistry of Seroquel, and also write down a short version of my long and always wondrous life!

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