My First Video Blog Post: There is Hope. 

This, my first video blog post, is for people who have been newly diagnosed  with bipolar disorder. Just know that there is hope. And if I can do it so can you. And yes, meditation, yoga, relaxation, all that is great for you but it can not take the place of medication, specifically a mood stabilizer.i mean if you had kidney disease, would you think yoga, meditation, and relaxation would make you all better? No, you would not, you would take medication for it. Well bipolar disorder is a disease and you need to take medication for that as well. So remember, mood stabilizers and Hope are what you need. 

8 thoughts on “My First Video Blog Post: There is Hope. 

  1. This is truly awesome and SO well done!!!! I loved it and it will definitely help people. I wanted to share one thing with you – I do take a very old-school antidepressant MAOI with my lithium which makes all the difference in lifting treatment-resistant bipolar depression. Studies done way back in the 1970’s, although very, very small, showed that when used together lithium and the MAOI Parnate/tranylcypromine were extremely effective in improving bipolar depression. I had taken roughly between 25-30 different medications that did not work for my bipolar depression before I tried the MAOI. I thank God every day for it. The food/alcohol restrictions required are more than worth it and not that big a deal, frankly. The only side effect I’ve had is fatigue, which lifted after the first few weeks and is common.

    For information about MAOI’s visit this link:

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      • First of all Dyane I am so glad you found it I hate to think of you feeling so bad us to consider suicide so this is a true godsend for you like you said and also thank you for pointing out that not everything is true for everyone. Most psychiatrist these days are steering people with bipolar disorder away from antidepressants but in your case they couldn’t do that because the unremitting depression would be worse for you then even if you do cycle more frequently that’s that’s a more desired outcome for you so it’s important that we know that one thing is good for one person and something else entirely can be good for another person so I thank you for pointing that out and actually I’m going to do a blog post about it so ha ha so I’m so glad that you found this medication and I’m glad you’re feeling well and I am glad you’re my Lithium and Seroquel sister! Love and hugs Samina. PS I used the microphone to record this so if it’s rambling, it’s because I was speaking OK love you

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      • Aww, thanks again! I m just give credit to my amazing psychiatrist for thinking out of the box and suggesting the MAOI. I’m glad you’re my lovely L&S (lithium & Seroquel sister) too! Honored! I wish I could go hear your talk live but I’d probably embarrass you by screaming “Woot woot! Good Samina!” in the audience! 😉 And I’m sure a drug rep would bring me some samples of Vraylar and say “Try one now!” (just kidding!!!!!)

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